At freelance fabrics we are renowned for our wide selection of fabrics, which have a whole range of uses such as school, fancy dress, parties, draping and day to day basics. We are confident you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Here are a few examples to wet the whistle:

Polycotton – 114cm (45") wide, in a large selection of colours
Habbitie – 100% polyester, 114cm (45") wide, in a huge selection of colours
Dress linings – 100% polyester, 137cm (54") wide, in various colours
Satins – 100% polyester, 150cm (60") wide also in many colours
Taffeta – 100% polyester, 150cm wide (60") wide, in a large selection of colours
Plain fur – 100% polyester, 150cm (60") wide, in many colours
Animal pattered fur – 100% polyester, 150cm (60") wide in many different prints. (Service the purpose of fancy dress i.e. Tarzan or Cruela Devil. Our experience staff can help design and construct an outfit for your every need).

Fabric Samples

We have a selection of fabric samples in stock; they can be borrowed for you to confirm that you have chosen the correct fabric.

The minimum order of fabric from all the companies is 2 metres.

Our suppliers include:

All ranges available by the metre.